Scholarships & Grants


Annually the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation provides thousands of dollars in college scholarships to 4-H members and alumni. These scholarships provide relief from the ever-growing cost of a higher education. Our Scholarship Committee is comprised of a well-rounded group of individuals with 4-H history, education, business experience and a "give back to the community" spirit. Applicants are rated by the Scholarship Committee on financial need, ability, aptitude, grades, references, 4-H history & involvement along with completeness of applications meeting the criteria for the specific scholarships.

Use the skills you’ve gained through 4-H to build a fulfilling career. The University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has 16 majors focused on business and commerce, health professions, helping professions, science and technology, sustainability, and traditional agriculture. Learn more at

How to Apply for a 2023 Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation Scholarship

  1. Applications are CLOSED

Important deadline note: Your application and supplemental documents, must be submitted before February 3rd, 2023. If your application is received after midnight on February 3rd, 2023, it will not be considered. While it is not required, it is recommended you get in touch with your county agent to review your application before submission. 


Frequently asked questions:

Am I required to sign my application?

No, please simply type your name

I entered a date on the scholarship application, but it will not take the date, what do I do?

Please follow the guidance for date format provided in the pop up.  Most dates are required in dd/mm/yyyy.  There is one spot for mm/yyyy.


In consultation with University of Arizona Cooperative Extension(UACE) employees the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation seeks financial support to implement Arizona 4-H programs.

  • Steps for RFP Process
    • AZ 4-H Youth Foundation receives financial support.
    • AZ 4-H Youth Foundation staff prepares an RFP.
    • AZ 4-H Youth Foundation staff posts RFP on the website. 
    • UACE staff submit an application for the RFP, and consults with Grants and Contracting Office.
    • AZ 4-H Youth Foundation and representative with Grants and Contracting/UACE staff negotiate signed agreement.
    • UACE staff complete the program.
    • UACE staff submits a report to AZ 4-H Youth Foundation at the completion of the project.