Board of Directors

Kari Petterson


Landscape Designer and Consultant, Az 4-H Alumna

4-H was truly formative to my mindset and character. Teaching how to question and problem solve, set and achieve goals, persevere, work in teams, how to handle fear, failure and success.    4-H gave me a chance to explore topics and interests and discover my strengths and passions. I joined, to help "make the best better".

William (Bill) Estes

Vice President

Owner of Estes Company

Having been involved with 4-H for over 25 years as a parent and volunteer I have watched many kids develop into young adults who can contribute to society. I will continue to be involved in various ways as long as I am able.



Gregg Brummer


Senior Vice President - Operations at Republic Services

I’m looking forward to working to promote and support 4H in Arizona and helping build good people … and future leaders.

Taylar Irvin


Relationship Manager with AgWest Farm Credit, CA 4-H Alumna

 4-H has played a big role in my life, it has helped shaped me into the person I am today. The characteristics I gained throughout my years involved has kept me driven, committed to attaining goals, communicating effectively and staying involved within my community. I strive to help shape tomorrow’s future within the 4-H Community.

Melva Warbington-DalMolin


4-H Leader, Construction Representative

4-H is my passion. I am a 4-H leader and enjoy working with all youth in the 4-H organization and now to serve as a 4-H Foundation Trustee is an honor.  My husband and I are 4-H alumni and our daughter is just beginning her 4-H career. I look forward to working together with both youth and adults to “Make the Best Better.” 


Tom Peterson


Financial Consultant- Corporate CEO/CFO

My family as been involved in 4-H for 20 years, my wife as a leader and my kids as members. I have seen the benefit to them and many other 4-H alumni who show strong ethics, provide leadership and demonstrate outstanding communication skills. Its important to support 4-H and help support the organizations, lives and communities that value “Making The Best Better.”

Brett Benedict


Realtor, Keller Williams, Legacy One Realty

Brett Benedict is a solutions-focused Senior Executive and Financial Strategist with more than 30 years of success spanning agriculture, utilities, and real estate. Leveraging extensive experience in collaborative leadership for both the private and public sectors, Brett is a valuable asset for companies requiring expert assistance with finance structuring, negotiations, compliance, saving costs, or organizational development.

Emily Cathey


Business Development, Hughes Federal Credit Union

"As a Marketing Strategist at Hughes Federal Credit Union, I am dedicated to teaching financial wellness and improving people's lives. I am honored to serve on the Arizona 4H Youth Foundation Board of Directors and I look forward to lending my experience and network to improve the lives of our future generations.”


Peter Hooper


I am the 4-H Agent representative on the Board and have children of my own in 4-H.  I can see close-up how 4-H impacts so many lives every day.  Me and my family are blessed to be a part of an organization that has such great leadership and vision.  The Foundation is a real partner in ensuring opportunities for youth, as we help fund the programs, scholarships, events and activities that benefit 4-Hers all over Arizona.

Tim Bee


Southern Arizona Director, Arizona Builders Alliance, 4-H Alumnus

Being a businessman and former State Representative, I grew up in 4-H and learned how to speak well in front of people. I worked hard on many different projects and exhibited them at the county fair. 4-H taught me so much and I’ve used it all. I think it is important for the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation to support youth to learn career skills.

Nick Pierson


I enjoy the prospect of helping the board accomplish it's goal of providing financial support for Arizona 4-H and giving back to an organization that had an impact on my life.

Kristen Sharp


4-H was a very large part of my growth and development during my youth. It taught me important life-skills like leadership, organization and teamwork, and I’m excited that I can now use those skills as a contributing member of the 4-H Foundation Board.

Michelle Mixer


The legacy of 4H and FFA runs deep in my family. I love that my two children are continuing the journey. Our family hashtags are #faithfamilyfarm and #thefarmthatraisedme. I am dedicated to continue to teach new generations not to judge each day by the harvest that is reaped but buy the seeds that are sewn.



Past Members

Michelle Murphy

AZ 4-H Alumna, U of A

I am fortunate to have been a 4-Her through college and served as an Intern at the National 4-H Council in D.C.  My passion for youth development and my deep sense of gratitude for all that 4-H has brought to my life, makes it an honor to serve as a 4-H Foundation Trustee

Wayne Mennetti


4-H Leader, AZ Department of Transportation Office

I joined the foundation after seeing the impact that 4-H has had on my two daughters. Having an extensive background in the shooting industry, I believe 4-H shooting sports is a program that teaches kids how to safely handle a firearm and inspire those kids to learn how to be great leaders as adults.

Wilton Hall

Secretary Health and Wellness Program Manager/ Managing Member-Owner-Archer Bodyworks LLC I currently work for Banner Health as the Health & Wellness Program manager in Tucson. I also own a small wellness company. My passion is for wellness and the well-being of people. I look forward to bringing our “Health to Better Living” and have much gratitude for being able to serve in this new role with the 4-H Foundation.

Cathy Martinez, PhD.

Ex-Officio Member

Arizona Interim 4-H State Program Leader & Associate Director

Ellyn Petterson

Ex-Officio Member

Taylor Rogers

Outreach Manager- AZ Farm Bureau, Az 4-H Alumna

4-H is the reason I am who I am and where I am today. 4-H gave me my first real lesson in responsibility and leadership opportunity. People need to be aware of the transformative work taking place in our youth.