Board of Directors

Kari Petterson


Landscape Designer and Consultant, Az 4-H Alumna

4-H was truly formative to my mindset and character. Teaching how to question and problem solve, set and achieve goals, persevere, work in teams, how to handle fear, failure and success.    4-H gave me a chance to explore topics and interests and discover my strengths and passions. I joined, to help "make the best better".

Michele Murphy


Az 4-H Alumna, U of A

I am fortunate to have been a 4-Her through college and served as an Intern at the National 4-H Council in D.C.  My passion for youth development and my deep sense of gratitude for all that 4-H has brought to my life, makes it an honor to serve as a 4-H Foundation Trustee.

Tim Bee


Southern Arizona Director, Arizona Builders Alliance, 4-H Alumnus

Being a businessman and former State Representative, I grew up in 4-H and learned how to speak well in front of people. I worked hard on many different projects and exhibited them at the county fair. 4-H taught me so much and I’ve used it all. I think it is important for the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation to support youth to learn career skills.

Wayne Mennetti


4-H Leader, AZ Department of Transportation Office

I joined the foundation after seeing the impact that 4-H has had on my two daughters. Having an extensive background in the shooting industry, I believe 4-H shooting sports is a program that teaches kids how to safely handle a firearm and inspire those kids to learn how to be great leaders as adults.

Gregg Brummer


Senior Vice President - Operations at Republic Services

I’m looking forward to working to promote and support 4H in Arizona and helping build good people … and future leaders.

Tom Peterson


Financial Consultant- Corporate CEO/CFO

My family as been involved in 4-H for 20 years, my wife as a leader and my kids as members. I have seen the benefit to them and many other 4-H alumni who show strong ethics, provide leadership and demonstrate outstanding communication skills. Its important to support 4-H and help support the organizations, lives and communities that value “Making The Best Better.”

Melva Warbington-DalMolin


4-H Leader, Construction Representative

4-H is my passion. I am a 4-H leader and enjoy working with all youth in the 4-H organization and now to serve as a 4-H Foundation Trustee is an honor.  My husband and I are 4-H alumni and our daughter is just beginning her 4-H career. I look forward to working together with both youth and adults to “Make the Best Better.” 

Wilton Hall


Health and Wellness Program Manager/ Managing Member-Owner-Archer Bodyworks LLC

I currently work for Banner Health as the Health & Wellness Program manager in Tucson. I also own a small wellness company. My passion is for wellness and the well-being of people. I look forward to bringing our “Health to Better Living” and have much gratitude for being able to serve in this new role with the 4-H Foundation.

Taylor Rogers


Outreach Manager- AZ Farm Bureau, Az 4-H Alumna

4-H is the reason I am who I am and where I am today. 4-H gave me my first real lesson in responsibility and leadership opportunity. People need to be aware of the transformative work taking place in our youth.

Peter Hooper


I am the 4-H Agent representative on the Board and have children of my own in 4-H.  I can see close-up how 4-H impacts so many lives every day.  Me and my family are blessed to be a part of an organization that has such great leadership and vision.  The Foundation is a real partner in ensuring opportunities for youth, as we help fund the programs, scholarships, events and activities that benefit 4-Hers all over Arizona.

Jeremy Elliott-Engel


Director of 4-H Youth Development, Cooperative Extension Administration, 4-H Alumnus

As a member 4-H helped provide the keys to the doors of the world for me. As a 4-H youth development professional I understand how the power of caring adults support of a young persons passion can change lives and improve our communities. The AZ 4-H Youth Foundation is an important partner in ensuring all Arizona 4-H youth can have a high-quality 4-H experience.

Ben Spratling


I have been involved in agriculture all of my life and want to support a program that provides such a great experience and education for young people.

Kristen Sharp


4-H was a very large part of my growth and development during my youth. It taught me important life-skills like leadership, organization and teamwork, and I’m excited that I can now use those skills as a contributing member of the 4-H Foundation Board.

Michelle Mixer


The legacy of 4H and FFA runs deep in my family. I love that my two children are continuing the journey. Our family hashtags are #faithfamilyfarm and #thefarmthatraisedme. I am dedicated to continue to teach new generations not to judge each day by the harvest that is reaped but buy the seeds that are sewn.



Cassie Walker


As a 4-H alumna, I know what a great organization 4-H is and the importance of giving back. I am excited for this opportunity to be involved in 4-H again, serving on the scholarship and governance committees as a board advisor. On the weekends you can either find me hiking, visiting various libraries, or hunting murals in and around Tucson.

Nick Pierson


I enjoy the prospect of helping the board accomplish it's goal of providing financial support for Arizona 4-H and giving back to an organization that had an impact on my life.