County Grant Opportunities

FUNDED Program endowments

The following chart is to help 4-H Extension Agents, 4-H Program Coordinators and County Directors navigate the available monies for specific programs through the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation. 

Each of these endowments are very specific on who can receive the monies, so please review this list and determine the programs for which you qualify.  Applications for monies are only accepted October - December for disbursement in January.

Thank you for helping to move Arizona “fourward” another 50 years!




 Recipient or Designee


AZ Assoc. of Ext. 4-H Agents

Award to attend Nat’l mtg


Arizona 4-H Agents Association, President or Treasurer

Gene & Marge Bayless

Shooting Sports Education


Shooting Sports State Coordinator

Conner Byestewa

LaPaz & Yuma 4-H programs


LaPaz & Yuma County 4-H Agents

Mary Faul

Ag Literacy @ Big Mac


Big Mac Ag Literacy program

Annette Firth

State program support – JOLT


State Leader

Sharon Franklin

Maricopa County Horse & Leadership programs


Maricopa County 4-H


JOLT program


State Leader

Jim Kolbe

CWF & LWF from Pima County


Pima County 4-H Agents

Virginia May


State Dog Program


State Dog Committee

Norton Foundation

Service to communities, JOLT


JOLT Coordinator or State Leader

Bob Stump

Citizenship, Nat’l Congress


State Leader

BJ Wells

State Horse Program


State Leader

Youth/Adult 4-H Leadership

Youth/Adult Leader Training


State Leader

Mohave Leaders Council

Mohave 4-H programs



Mohave Leaders Council

Yavapai Leaders Council

Yavapai 4-H programs

$ 500.00

Yavapai Leaders Council

Marifloyd Hamil

Under-served & low-income programs

$ 500.00

Maricopa County   


  Send any questions or inquiries to: 719-688-6260.  Monies will be available starting October 1st of each year.