Remembering Bonnye Stuhr

Bonavere “Bonnye” Stuhr

On July 25, 2020, Arizona 4-H Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Bonnye Stuhr passed away from 40 years of complications from diabetes. From a young age, Bonnye parents instilled a pioneering spirit and a commitment to community service in their daughter. In fact, the family moved all the way from New York to Arizona in the early 1950’s. As the family adjusted to the change, they found their sense of community was in 4-H. It was there that Bonnye forged friendships that would endure a lifetime and she was inspired to pursue a degree in higher education.

It was at the University of Arizona that Bonnye met her future husband, Wanye Stuhr, in the UofA marching band in the saxophone section. Leveraging skills learned at 4-H, like planning and good record keeping, the couple navigated being stationed in five different states in the first five years of their marriage while raising four exceptional children. The couple eventually settled in the Mohawk Valley in Yuma County where Bonnye led a 4-H club with over 150 members! Over all 60 years of Bonnye’s 4-H career, she had a reputation for making the best better and always creating a safe and inclusive space for all youth. Today we recognize and remember Bonnye as we send our thoughts and prayers to her family and all her friends of 4-H.