Alumni Newsletter

4-H Alumni & Friends LATEST 

Greetings and Welcome to our FIRST Quarterly Newsletter for 4-H Alumni and Friends!

We wanted to keep you up to date on some of the great things happening in Arizona 4-H, Foundation activities, and how Arizona 4-H is moving “Fourward” in 2021.

It was a year ago that we sent a message out to you explaining that a virus called “Covid-19” was impacting how 4-H looked because in-person programming was changing.  We eventually were under a University of Arizona mandate to stop all in-person programming for the safety of our staff, volunteers, and our most precious 4-H youth.

I do not think that in our wildest dreams, we envisioned a full year without being face-to-face at 4-H club meetings, not seeing our friends at the county fair, that learning would be done by computer, and yet-- even though we were virtual, every animal would be sold that was ready to head to our county fairs!! Amazing.

We want to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work done by not only the
State 4-H Office team, but our County 4-H office teams as well. The work was simply outstanding. COVID-19 did not stop us, it pushed us to new levels of innovation and excellence.

Here are the programs and some key work of your 4-H Foundation accomplished this past year:

  • Arizona 4-H Ambassadors program launched

  • Ag at Home (Seminar series)!!

  • Science in Agriculture Camp

  • Utah Invitational

  • Virtual State 4-H Horse Show, Horse Judging, Swine 101, Rabbits, Poultry & Cavies Project learning 

  • Virtual County Fairs & Virtual 4-H Showdown 

  • Every youth successfully sold an animal!

  • JOLT
  • Clover Ball & Arizona 4-H Presents

  • Engaged Citizens Event

  • Emerging Leaders Event

  • Healthy Living Summit Conference & Healthy Living Ambassadors went statewide
  • STEM YOUniversity & STEM Ambassadors

  • True Leaders in Equity Institute 

  • Foundation launches covering costs of background checks for leaders in 2021 & 2022
  • A 20-page Annual Report was sent to 5,500 4-H families, alumni & friends 

  • Foundation-funded 33 scholarships for a total of $33,500

  • Foundation-funded 34 specific programs or events totaling $90,500!!
  • State Program and Foundation team launched the “Great 8 Pathways” in 4-H, allowing for a better understanding of our work and for support.

So you can see all the hard work that we put in while our world was put “on pause” during the pandemic.  We’re so happy to tell you about the successes of Arizona 4-H and look forward to sharing our stories every quarter on these pages.  Thank you for your support!  Let’s all help move 4-H “Fourward” in 2021.

Celebrating Black History Month

Holland Daniel, Jr.'s infectious personality and commitment to positive change, landed him in just about every 4-H program possible. His 4-H career started at the Extension Food & Nutrition Program in Maricopa County. Daniel used this program as a platform to teach nutrition to Phoenix inner-city youth in Bethune and Hamilton Elementary Schools. Daniel taught these classes as many times as three to four times a week and even dedicated his summer vacation to improving nutrition education of youth in the community. Daniel always went above and beyond and found additional ways to get involved within 4-H. He was involved in the Maricopa Teen Council and served as a camp counselor for the Maricopa County 4-H camping program in Flagstaff. He did not stop there! He was also always busy preparing for numerous 4-H events including, county fairs, demonstration days, State 4-H Round-Up, and National 4-H Congress.  He was such an outstanding 4-Her that he was even invited to serve on the planning committee for National 4-H Congress.  Daniel served at National 4-H Conference alongside current Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation President, Kari Peterson. Peterson reflects, "It was a privilege to have known Holland. His tireless service to bring 4-H opportunities to the kids in his community is an example to us all of positive outreach and personal impact." Former Arizona 4-H Leader, Marifloyd Hamil, recalls Daniel’s dedication to “always doing the best he could.” Following the devastating passing of Daniel in 1989, Hamil established the Holland Daniel account in honor of the former 4-H youth leader with the goal of supporting 4-H programs with limited resources for inner-city youth. Each year, the Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation distributes programming funds, made possible by Hamil, to remember that Holland was not only an inspiration to others but also a stupendous example of youth in leadership.

Moving us "Fourward" Financially

Building a secure financial base has long been the goal of the 4-H Foundation Board of Directors. The 64 endowments which make up our investment portfolio are currently funding 33 scholarships for $48,300 annually and 18 programs or events for $21, 500 annually. We need a source of income to help with expanding our program reach. Our idea centered around getting a 4-H license plate for our state.

The Foundation staff spent over three months researching 4-H plates in other states, their successes and stumbles, their income generated and then looking at what is happening in Arizona. In September the Development Committee commissioned three professional artists to each come up with at least 3 initial designs.  They looked at over 15 designs and picked four. We then had 4-H and public audiences vote on the designs and answer questions about the appeal of each design.  We featured the 4 designs in our 2020 Annual Report. In mid-January, under the leadership of former Senate President and now our Foundation Treasurer, Tim Bee,  we secured the support of Senator Sine` Kerr and Representative Tim Dunn in getting our license plate idea passed in the legislature, as required by law.  We owe them much gratitude for all their work.

Last month our bills passed both the House and the Senate with over a 2/3 majority in the House and a 90% majority in the Senate.  We are waiting final approval and the hopefully a bill on the Governor's desk. Now we must secure $30,000 in funding needed to get the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division to make our plate. We are talking with several individual donors for a one-time gift of $10,000. If you can help us or know someone who can, please contact Deb Lester at

Nominate Volunteers and Staff

2021 award submissions are now open for the Hall of Fame Award, Volunteer Excellence Award, and the Staff Excellence Award! Do you know a superb 4-H volunteer, staff member, or family who always performs above and beyond while modeling professionalism, respect, kindness, and a passion for what they do? Nominate them for an award! 

Arizona 4-H Members Advocating for Agriculture

Arizona 4-H is one of seven states selected to implement the 2021 4-H Ag Innovators Experience (AIE). Members who participate will be trained on the importance of a healthy sustainable food system, climate change, and community engagement.

 Through this program, they will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to go into their community and facilitate workshops to educate other 4-H members. This program is open to 6th-12th grades and will allow the participants to make an impact within their county.