Alumni Newsletter

4-H Alumni & Friends LATEST 

Greetings!  I hope many of you are enjoying a respite from the heat in cool country this month.

We’ve been busy wrapping up the Clover Ball, preparing new budgets and planning for new partnerships for Arizona 4-H for the coming budget year. If you didn’t have time to catch the Clover Ball live, we’ve attached a link in this newsletter.  What a fabulous time for all of us to gather and celebrate our outstanding youth, volunteers and staff in 4-H.

This edition is in celebration of another amazing 4-H alumni team, Kelly and Cheryl Keithly.  If you know the Keithlys, tell them how much we appreciate their support of Arizona 4-H and give them our congratulations. 


See you in September.

- Deb Lester

AZ 4-H Summit 2021

From June 5-9th 4-H members across the state came together at the University of Arizona campus for five days of career preparation, skill building, and critical thinking. They spent time listening to career professionals give advice on how to achieve the career they want. Members also attended the Clover Ball where they were able to see first-hand the achievements of this organization.

Robert Day who attended the AZ 4-H Summit said, "Summit had many learning opportunities with all the presentations and speeches you are almost guaranteed to learn something. Another thing that really stuck out to me is what 4-H is. From My little town all I thought 4-H to be is the animals and projects; however it is a lot more than that. It is the friends and memories you make, it is the connections you make down the road in life, finally it is about you and what you put in it."

Congrats to Our Outstanding Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of Arizona 4-H. We couldn't do this without you! We celebrate the following individuals for their service as Arizona 4-H volunteers. 

Rookie Volunteer Award - Nancy Muwanas

Lifetime Achievement Award - Jeri Holton

Volunteer Excellence: Mid-Career - Michele Najar

Volunteer Excellence: Long-Time Career - Tracey & Kris Johnson

Volunteer Excellence: COVID-Response - Lindsey Zvara




Support 4-H While Shopping!

One simple way you can support AZ 4-H is by registering with and using or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app. Once you set up an account, you can search the AmazonSmile charity list for Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation and select. It will become your charity of choice. Once you’ve selected a charity and start using AmazonSmile for your purchases, each will generate a small donation. All those small donations add up to significant contributions to AZ 4-H! To learn more about AmazonSmile go to:




Ag At Home

Recordings of previous sessions are available and registration for this upcoming sessions is now open.  

August 5: Working Dogs 

Check out Arizona 4-H Ag(riculture) at Home. If you have questions contact Dr. Betsy Greene, Equine Specialist.  




History of the 4-H Clover

The green four-leaf clover with the white letter "H" in each leaf is the National 4-H Emblem. The design, attributed to L.H. Benson, an Iowa school superintendent, was adopted as the national Emblem in 1911. Once enrolled as a 4-H volunteer leader, you are authorized by your local extension office to use the 4-H Name and Emblem.

The Name and Emblem are protected under the federal statue (Title 18, USC 707) and may only be used in accordance with statue requirements. Only use an official Emblem graphic obtained from an authorized 4-H source which includes the language "18 USC 707" to the right of the stem. Your extension office can provide camera ready or electronic versions of the clover for your use. Text or graphics should never cross the clover emblem.

Green and white are the 4-H colors. Green is nature’s most common color and symbolizes youth, life and growth. White stands for purity and high ideals.