Cooperative Extension Irrigation Research at Forefront of Ag Technological Innovation

Jan. 19, 2024

The Water Irrigation Efficiency Program is funding millions of dollars in UArizona science, including real-time moisture sensors.

Photo of sensors in a field

(MARICOPA AGRICULTURAL CENTER) – The Water Irrigation Efficiency Program, centered on the deployment of modern irrigation systems such as drip and sprinklers, alongside water management techniques and sensors, is at the forefront of reshaping how we conserve water resources in agriculture.

The water irrigation efficiency team is committed to finding innovative solutions to address the pressing issue of water scarcity. Modern irrigation systems, including drip and sprinkler technologies, represent a significant spike in irrigation efficiency. The program acknowledges the significant potential of these technologies and the need to integrate them into mainstream agricultural practices. Water management techniques, coupled with high-tech sensors, play a pivotal role in our quest for sustainable water use.

Close-up photo of a soil sensor

Sensors like this one provide real-time data, allowing growers to target irrigation where and when it is needed.

Through experiments conducted at the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center, we are employing the power of real-time data for informed irrigation decisions. These sensors provide crucial insights into soil moisture levels, allowing for precise and timely adjustments to irrigation schedules. The result is a more efficient use of water resources, increased crop yields, and a positive impact on the environment.

What sets the water irrigation program apart is its hands-on approach to innovation. Our experiments extend beyond the Maricopa Agricultural Center to farmers' fields. This practical application ensures that our research does not remain restricted to theory but evolves into real solutions that can be readily adopted by the agricultural community. We believe in encouraging farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to enhance both the sustainability and profitability of their operations.

The partnership between the water irrigation efficiency program and farmers is a proof to our commitment to bridging the gap between academia and the agricultural industry. As we explore and refine these innovative irrigation practices, our goal is to create an effect that positively impacts not only individual farms but also contributes to a more sustainable and resilient agricultural landscape on a national scale.

Join us on this journey toward a more sustainable future. The Water Irrigation Efficiency Program is not just about watering crops, it is about creating a sustainable and resilient agriculture.