Volunteer FAQs

A compilation of our most frequently asked questions...


Master Gardener Certification Training is the 18-week horticultural based training led by university staff and faculty. The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension trains gardening enthusiasts throughout the State of Arizona as Master Gardener Volunteers who help their fellow citizens grow better gardens and more sustainable landscapes.

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Any volunteer who works with youth unsupervised and within the constructs of the 3 Cs - care, custody, and control of said youth - will need to take youth safety training, along with getting a fingerprint based background check.

If you are working at a school garden with school staff as the youth supervisors, then you will not need Youth Safety training, although it is always recommended for awareness.


The Video Playlist for 4H Trainings includes many topics, ranging from Youth Safety to Social Media management. 



The UA NetID verifies identity when it is used for online services the University of Arizona provides. It consolidates the disparate authentication mechanisms of various UA online services and helps ensure the privacy of personal information and restrict the use of resources to those for whom they are intended.

Volunteers use NetID to access shared university systems like email, Box and Zoom. In addition, all trainings and legal agreements in UAccess are managed within the NetID profile.

Most volunteers will need a NetID+. Find out more by clicking the button below.

NetID Management


Once your volunteer appointment information has been entered and approved in the system, you will receive three emails from UASelfService@fso.arizona.edu with an ID number and PIN; these are needed to create a NetID* and password.

Once you've received these emails and have your ID and PIN numbers ready, a NetID can be created by clicking the button below.


*Note: If you have any previous relationship with the University of Arizona and already have a NetID, you will be able to use that to accept your faculty title, instead of creating a new one.


All volunteers in Arizona Cooperative Extension must be at least 18 years or older, but certain programs may vary.

It depends on the program. If fees are collected, all monies are used to purchase items like training materials, uniforms, certifications and more.

Check with your local program for more information.

Sometimes!  Please check our Departmental/Intermittent Volunteer page for more info in the link below.

Dept./IOV/Event Volunteer Info