Master Gardener Hour Tracker Trainings and Help Articles

This video is an introduction to the Master Gardener Hour Tracking System. You will learn how to sign up for opportunities and track hours.

Watch the Training

You can easily reset your password in the hour tracking system. Here is a tutorial to get started.

Watch the training

Run time: 1:17 minutes

"Now what was my password again?" It happens to the best of us - but now you have an easy way to reset your password when you have misplaced or forgotten it.

Learn how to reset password

The Hour Tracker system allows volunteers to take charge of their profile. Find out how to manage your information and more.


Learn how to log hours using GetConnected.


Did you know that the Hour Tracker system has an app? Find instructions here.

Learn how to enter your hours using the App!

The GetConnected Hour Tracker System has a dashboard that allows you to view your hours, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events.