Cooperative Extension's Sharon Megdal Talks Water with UArizona President Robbins

Aug. 16, 2023

Arizona is drawing on water saved in Lake Mead in recent decades, but the water to replace it isn't coming, said Megdal, director of the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center.

Photo of Sharon Megdal

Megdal interview explores our water situation

“Demand for water is growing at the same time the supplies the (Colorado River) system is producing are shrinking, and they are shrinking largely due to, if you want to call it long-term drought, you want to call it mega-drought, you want to call it aridification, but we see that we are experiencing the driest period on record – the driest 20-plus year period in 1,200 years, and now we have 40 million people … We have to get into a new equilibrium.”
- Sharon Megdal