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  • Photo by Dale Armstrong, April 2015.

    A Guide to Locoweed: poisoning and management

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  • Reading The Range Video

    Reading The Range Video

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  • George Ruyle and Wink Crigler assess the condition of the grazing range.

    Managing Grazing in Riparian Areas Impact Story

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  • Close-up view of dried tumble weed (camelthorn).

    Waging the War on Weeds Impact Story

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This program contains provides information on a variety of issues related to the stewardship of rangeland resources in Arizona. Rangelands are a kind of land! They include some forests and woodlands and other vegetation not usually associated with rangelands. But primarily, rangelands are grasslands, shrublands (including deserts) and savannahs (grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs). Rangelands provide many ecosystem services including water, wildlife habitat, livestock forage, recreation, open space, and conservation of natural areas.

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    Staff Doug Tolleson, Chris Bernau, and Lisa Page shared range science technology with hundreds of excited youth and adults at two Arizona SciTech Festival events this week in the Verde Valley.

New article with several Rangelands Partnership authors! (Note: This is an open access article with a Creative Commons license.)

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DroughtView: 'Swiss Army Knife' of Land Management

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