Prepare for Wildfires with Advice From Cooperative Extension Experts

June 30, 2023

Wildfire season is here, and Cooperative Extension can help keep your home, yourself, and your loved ones safe.

Photo of a wildfire in mountains

Wildfires can strike in any part of Arizona, and they can travel very fast. A good plan can protect your home and your family.

On June 30, the Arizona Emergency Information Network dashboard listed 23 active fires from northern Arizona’s Three Lakes Incident on Kaibab National Forest to the Mexico 11 Fire on the border west of Nogales.

Map of Arizona wildfires

The Arizona Emergency Information Network tracks wildfires across the state.


Although we usually only hear about larger fires, every year across the state there are thousands of smaller ones – many of them put out before they can spread beyond patches of roadside grass or vacant properties. Fires can happen anywhere – in the mountains, valleys, and even dense urban centers like Phoenix. The Tucson Fire Department alone responds to more than 1,000 brush fires annually.

All can be deadly.

As we head into the July 4 weekend, fire restrictions are in effect on most public lands. In the week before July 4, campfire restrictions went into effect on Sitgreaves and Tonto national forests, all state trust land, the City of Flagstaff, and Coconino County.

Tonto National Forest officials urged caution.

“We encourage recreational visitors and families to enjoy the Tonto during the holiday weekend leading up to the Fourth of July, but please be advised we are in extreme fire danger. Observing the current fire and target shooting restrictions can help reduce the risk of wildfires,” said Andy Mandell, Tonto’s fire, fuels, and aviation management officer.

To help you stay safe, Cooperative Extension put together a wildfire readiness page, where you can get landscaping and other tips that could make the difference between having a house or an empty lot after a fire.