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Interactive Demonstration Garden

The Robert J Moody interactive demonstration garden is an ongoing project maintained by Master Gardeners and the Moody Garden Society. Their efforts benefit the entire community, as a plant resource and educational area. Moody Garden is comprised of many different gardens including cultivated plants, emblem, native plant, tropical, vegetable and xeriscape displaying the many different types of plants that can be grown in Yuma County.

Plants are labeled for identification and you can take a self-guided tour or have someone from the Master Gardener Program, Moody Garden Society, or University of Arizona do a tour. There are also numerous kiosks throughout the garden identifying each area and its purpose.

Children's garden: Where kids and adults can enjoy the space


Healing Meditation Garden: A cool place to sit and relax and see what types of herbs can be grown in Yuma

Sitting Area: Nice quiet space to enjoy the garden or sit and have a picnic

Birdseed project: School children from the area enjoy participating in projects hosted at the demonstration garden


Robert J Moody Demonstration Garden
2200 W 28th Street Yuma, AZ
United States
32° 40' 40.2528" N, 114° 38' 48.7824" W