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Pima Master Gardener Public Demonstration Gardens

The Master Gardeners maintain demonstration gardens at the Tucson and Green Valley offices which showcase a wide variety of plants and planting, irrigation and composting methods. The gardens are open to the public and may be toured at any time during business hours, when Master Gardeners may also be available to answer your gardening questions. The Master Gardeners provide free guided tours throughout the year at the Tucson gardens. Check the event calendar for dates and times. Let a Master Gardener lead you through our beautiful gardens!

Tucson Demonstration Gardens
4210 N Campbell Ave, Tucson 85719
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Call 626-5161 for more information

  • All-American Selections Garden - This garden is an official All-American Selections Display Garden that grows plants from seeds that have won the All American Selection Award based on their superior garden performance in trials all over North America. This garden is designed to identify and demonstrate how these plants do in our special growing conditions here in the desert. 
  • Basin Edible Garden - This garden consists of basin type planting of a variety of seasonal fruit, vegetable and herb plants. Vegetables and edible fruit tress are grown and harvested all year long from January through December demonstrating that Tucson is an excellent location for growing your edibles.  Most of the produce is donated to Ishkashita and local food banks.
  • Cacti and Succulent Garden - This garden demonstrates creating an artful space for the home gardener rather than a collection of specimen plants. Each area is adaptable for the small patio garden or as an accent space in the conventional home garden.
  • Color Garden - This garden promotes the use of flowering plants and ground covers that do well in Southern Arizona’s climate, as well as demonstrates design features such as pathways, decorative boulders, mulch, benches, and drip irrigation.
  • Container Garden - This garden showcases creative ways to display plants in containers.  From cinder blocks to ceramics, plants are shown singly and in groups to inspire the home gardener.  THe container garden features ways to create planting groups within a garden. Large and small annuals and perennials, herbs and vegetables, vines, shrubs, and even dwarf trees can be grown by the home gardener on a patio or in a small yard using containers.  Come visit this area and you will say, "I can do that!"
  • Grass Garden - This garden promotes knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and restoration of Arizona native grasses and their habitats by demonstrating the use of native grasses for residential and commercial landscape design.
  • Habitat Garden - This garden demonstrates a variety of ways to protect and support local wildlife by designing landscapes that promote the conservation of native desert plants which have been utilized by the animal inhabitants of this region for millennia. The garden showcases a mix of plants as well as hardscape techniques of mounds, rocks, basins, and water features, which provide food, cover/shelter or a place for wildlife to raise young. The garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.
  • Pollinator Garden - This garden promotes knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of a variety of pollinators which are important to the future health of the plant community. The garden demonstrates the use of appropriate plants in a landscape designed to create an attractive garden that is beneficial to native pollinators and to inform the public of the importance of pollinators in our environment. 
  • Propagation Area - This is where Master Gardeners make cuttings and otherwise propagate new plants for areas of the Demonstration Gardens and for the public plant sales in April and October.
  • Raised Edible Garden - This garden showcases area-appropriate warm and cool season vegetables and fruits in a wide array of raised containers in addition to some in-ground planting areas. 
  • Rose Garden - This garden displays a wide variety of roses and how to grow them well in Arizona.
  • Small Space Gardens - This garden is designed to present landscape possibilities for small gardens by using dwarf and/or low growing plants and presenting them in landscape beds. The displayed plants are designed to be 'critter'-resistant as well as tolerant of our hot, dry climate with some degree of frost tolerance. 
  • Xeriscape Garden - This garden demonstrates the use of native and non-native low-water use plants that have adapted to the Sonoran Desert climate and grow well with no water or minimal drip irrigation. 

Green Valley Demonstration Gardens
1100 Whitehouse Canyon Rd, Green Valley
Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
Call 648-0808 for information

  • Cactus Garden - This garden showcases a variety of cacti that grow well in the region.
  • Ornamentals Garden  - This garden showcases a range of annual and perennial plants that do well in the local climate.
  • Vegetable Garden - This garden displays a variety of area-appropriate warm and cool season vegetables and fruits in a mix of raised containers and in-ground planting areas.
  • Xeriscape Garden - This garden demonstrates the use of native and non-native low-water use plants that have adapted to the Sonoran Desert climate and grow well with no water or minimal drip irrigation.