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Yavapai Gardening

  • Yavapai County Master Gardeners at Prescott Valley Community Garden

    Backyard Gardener Web Site

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  • Apache Plume

    Native & Naturalized Plants Database - a service by Yavapai Master Gardeners

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  • Asclepias asperula

    Resources for the Yavapai County Master Gardeners are available for download.

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  • Volunteers installing irrigation system.

    Sharing a Passion for Plants

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Master Gardeners are available in the Prescott and Camp Verde offices to provide horticulture information (e.g., plants for our area, planting and watering guidelines, plant diseases, insect identification and control, soil prep, etc.). They can also perform pH tests on your soil. There is no charge for these services.

What's Happening

The Arizona Highlands are a challenging place to garden, with low rainfall, a surprisingly short growing season, alkaline soil, and competition for

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Insect Alert
The presence of the Davis' Tussock Moth caterpillar is being reported from several locations in the Prescott area. Here is a link to management information of a related species: The hairs can cause skin irritation, so it is recommended to avoid coming into direct contact with them.

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Gypsum is often recommended by "experts", but do you really need it?

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Green fruit beetles are eating ripening deciduous tree fruit. Here are some photos and ways to reduce their numbers.

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No videos for Yavapai Gardening are listed. Please watch Arizona Cooperative Extension videos on YouTube.