International Pepper Conference

25th International Pepper Conference

September 26-28, 2022

Tucson Marriott University Park
Tucson, Arizona, USA


It's been a long, unprecedented journey of a sad, debilitating virus that we now realize has many mutations and variants.

Beginning as what is commonly known as "COVID-19",  the virus has as we all realize now, taken many lives, hampered others, generally wrought havoc worldwide, and caused economic upheaval due to efforts to slow the spread throughout populations around the world. 

Having had the honor of hosting the biannual "International Pepper conference 2020" (IPC), as a team of coordinators, we chose to postpone the originally scheduled conference in September 2020.  We still face COVID-19 challenges but we have decided, along with the help of our team, Dr. Stephanie Walker (New Mexico State University), Dr. Randy Norton (University of Arizona), Dr. Jeff Silvertooth (University of Arizona), Joshua Sherman (University of Arizona), Dr. Ben Villalon, (Texas A&M), and Dr. Terry Berke (Curry Seed and Chile Co.), to move forward with the conference in 2022.  We are excited to announce conference dates of September 26, 27, and 28, 2022.

We will host a welcome evening on September 26, 2022, at the University Marriott in Tucson, Arizona.  On September 27, a hands-on agronomy/practical breeding field day will be conducted with presentations in actual field settings at the Curry Farms facilities in Pearce Arizona.  On September 28, abstract presentations will be held in Tucson, at the University Marriott. 

We are honored and excited to host this long-standing science-based event directed solely for the purpose of dissemination of current research on peppers from around the world. 

Demonstration of mechanical harvesting equipment and chile pepper varietal trial blocks will be viewed in person and virtual while in the field on September 27, 2022. A virtual tour of this farm tour day will also be recorded and published on the IPC website for those unable to attend in person. 

Our general theme for the 2022 conference is "Breeding from a Farm Perspective".  We are more than honored and excited to welcome each of you to our farm and home where for the last 40 years we have grown, selected, bred, and studied many types of chile, with a focus on New Mexico and Anaheim type varieties.

So once again, our prayers are that you and your families stay safe in these difficult times of COVID-19.  We hope each of you can find a way to Southern Arizona next September. 

Ed Curry

Internation Pepper Conference 2022

Contact our conference coordinators if you have any questions with the email addresses provided below.

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