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Walk Across Arizona Begins

Walk Across Arizona Begins, Photo Courtesy: Sacha Cueto

People all across Arizona- including here on campus - are teaming up to walk 410 miles across Arizona… thanks to a program through Cooperative Extension, and UA Life & Work Connections.

It’s a once-a-year, 8-week campaign called ‘Walk Across Arizona’… Participants sign up to join a team of up to 10 people, and record their distance. Participants can run, swim, cycle, or other do physical activities, that “count” toward the goal of 410 miles – the distance across the state.

Cooperative Extension’s Associate Specialist Kay Hongu who leads the state program, agrees, and says there is science to back it up. “The theoretical basis for the program is to use social support networks to increase physical activity levels within the community,” Hongu says. “The WAAZ program is an evidence-based, popular physical activity enhancement program that has been maintained under the Cooperative Extension for more than 17 years.”

If you’re a UA Employee, and would like to learn more about ‘Walk Across Arizona’, click here to check out UA Life & Work Connections website.

For more general information about Walk Across Arizona, in your area, or county – click here to head to the Walk Across Arizona website.