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Tucson Village Farm

Tucson Village Farm (TVF) is a working urban farm built by and for the youth of our community.

A program of the Pima County Cooperative Extension and the University of Arizona, TVF is a seed-to-table program designed to reconnect young people to a healthy food system, teach them how to grow and prepare fresh food, and empower them to make healthy life choices.

To accomplish this, Tucson Village Farm offers year-round, instructional, hands-on programs for youth of all ages.

We target urban youth from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.
The farm, located at 4210 N. Campbell Ave., serves as a safe urban location where youth can come to be out of doors and engage in physical activity while contributing to and participating in local food production, preparation, and consumption.

We have several programs... including our weekly Tuesday U-Pick Market - from 5-7pm. Be sure to wear your closed-toed shoes and bring a reusable bag...

To learn more... check out our website...or head to our Facebook page, for weekly "U-Pick" updates.