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Top Searched Term: "Tree"

'Tree' is one of the 'Top Ten' searched terms on Cooperative Extension's website, for the year, as well as this past week. Analysis shows searchers are often looking for the basic "'ABCs' of fruit trees" - when to plant, how much to water, and what fruit trees can grow successfully in Arizona.

Some of the most popular fruit trees in Arizona are grapefruit, orange and lemon trees. To learn more about citrus, another popularly searched item, click here to head to our 'Citrus Management' page.

Another type of popular fruit trees, suited to our desert environment, is the pomegranate tree. Click here, to head to our 'Pomegranate Resource page' to learn more about pomegranates.

Click here, to check out our 'Tree Resource Page' for a round-up of general tree information.