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  • George Ruyle and Wink Crigler assess the condition of the grazing range.

    Managing Grazing in Riparian Areas Impact Story

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  • Close-up view of dried tumble weed (camelthorn).

    Waging the War on Weeds Impact Story

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Looking for information on climate change, watershed management, and forestry health and management – you're at the right place. Find information on the latest research on range management, drought in Arizona, and helping manage Arizona’s vast and rich natural resources. You can find information on bark beetles, noxious weeds, fire safety, water conservation, watershed mapping and much more.

What's Happening

small acreage

Small Acreage Landowners in the Sulphur Springs Valley!

In Arizona, the number of new domestic wells can exceed 3,000 each year, with an estimated 130,000+ wells across the State.

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