Meeting Rooms

Face Coverings

Based on current public health conditions and aligned with CDC guidance, masks are highly recommended but not required indoors when it is not possible to adequately and continuously maintain physical distancing.

Click a meeting room to see it's amenities.

The Palo Verde is the auditorium off the lobby.

  • 12 foot  projection screen
  • employee access only to AV:
    • mounted projector
    • speakers 
    • ceiling microphones
    • pan-tilt-zoom camera
    • demo camera
  • height adjustable demo table
  • flexible seating
  • use of audio video equipment is limited to employees
  • fire code max occupancy:  100

The Saguaro is the conference room in the center of the building.

  • 60" television screen
  • Owl webcam
  • conference table with built-in
    • vga, audio, hdmi connections
    • electric outlets
    • usb C adapter
  • fire code max occupancy: 15

The Mesquite is the small meeting room outside the administration offices.

  • conference table
  • fire code max occupancy: 8

The Cholla meeting room is in the southwest corner of the building.

  • 65" television screen
  • flexible seating 
  • fire code max occupancy: 12

The Ocotillo meeting room is a licensed commercial kitchen with limited meeting availability. Reservations allowed by employees only, even during business hours.

  • licensed commercial kitchen
  • mounted short-throw projector
  • wall screen
  • conference table
  • flexible seating
  • fire code max occupancy: 30


Meeting room reservation process and policy 

Reserving a room:

  • It is the responsibility of the person holding the meeting to make a room reservation.
  • Reservations cannot exceed 23.5 hours.  Use recurrence or multiple events if you need a room for multiple days.
  • Create the reservation allowing time for meeting set up and clean up after the meeting.
  • Leave the room ready for another group each day or reserve the room for the evening as well.
  • Employees are expected to make their own room reservations.
  • Employees should not ask the front desk to make their room reservations.
  • Requests from shared mailboxes / groups request will not be accepted.
  • Outside groups can only reserve the Palo Verde.

Employee acceptance:

  • Reservation requests by MCCE employees for the Cholla, Mesquite, and Ocotillo, Palo Verde or Mesquite which don't conflict with existing reservations are automatically accepted.
  • Employees will receive an email either accepting or rejecting each reservation.
  • Reservation requests for the Ocotillo must include only MCCE employees unless otherwise approved by director.

When reservation requests are denied: 

  • The meeting will not be removed from your calendar. 
  • You need to find another venue for that meeting.

Lead time:   

  • Employees can make reservations up to 12 months in advance.
  • University employees not in our department and outside groups can make reservations up to 6 months in advance.
  • Lead time limitations include recurring events.  
  • Reservation requests beyond the listed lead time will not be accepted.

Title Content:

  • An individual's contact name, email, and phone number is required for all reservations.
  • When an employee reserves a room their name and contact information is automatically added.
  • List the approximate number of non-employee attendees to help avoid parking conflicts.

How to Reserve a Meeting Room

Outlook new meeting button

Open calendar in Outlook

Click New Meeting

Outlook new meeting detail

Enter meeting title

Select start and end times.

Click to show Room Finder.

Select MCCE-AllRooms as building.

Click an available room to select.


Outlook web app new meeting detail

Sign in to

Click the calendar icon.

Click the New Event button to add a calendar entry.