Vacation, Sick, and other Approved Leaves

University employees who are benefits eligible can use their accrued Sick Leave to take time off during periods of personal illness, to obtain medical services or to care for immediate family members who are ill.  Vacation/Annual Leave is paid time off earned by benefits-eligible appointed personnel, classified staff, and University staff.  Remember:  use it or lose it because employees may carry forward one and one-half times the maximum number of vacation hours earned in a given year. An employee who is at least 0.50 FTE or who work 20 or more hours in a week is eligible to earn vacation and sick leave. There is no waiting period to use your sick or vacation leave. 

Notify your supervisor immediately if you are taking a sick day and plan ahead for doctor's appointments.  Vacation or annual leave needs to be planned in advance with approval from supervisor.  Be sure to have requests and approvals in writing.  Leave forms for faculty and staff are available in Box. 

Compensatory hours can be earned by employees who are Salary Non-exempt (SNE).  Employees who are salary non-exempt report actual hours worked on their timesheets.  If an employee works over their FTE in a week then the additional hours are accrued in their comp bank.  Departmental policy allows employees to accrue comp hours up to their FTE.  Example: If an employee is 0.50 FTE or 20 hours per week then that employee can accrue a maximum of 20 hours comp time.  This policy does not affect Salary Exempt (SE) employees because SE employees are expected to work until their jobs are done.

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