MCCE Leave Policy

Maricopa County Cooperative Extension follows the University of Arizona Policies for leave.  This includes that the request for vacation, bereavement, sick, jury duty, and/or unpaid absence be requested and approved before leave is taken.  The request should be made in a timely manner so as to allow for the supervisor to assess the situation and make a determination of whether the request will be granted.

Sick leave, if possible, should also be made in advance.  If the sick leave is for more than three consecutive days, then the employee or their supervisor will notify Vanessa Parra and, if appropriate, the leave may be credited to their Family and Medical Leave entitlement.

All leave must be approved by your supervisor.  MCCE leave forms for faculty and staff are available in Box.  Employees requesting leave must fill this form out prior to leave.  If an employee is out with a sudden illness, then the leave form should be filled out when the employee returns.   

Effective Date:  August 21, 2017

Last Reviewed:  November 9, 2022