Employee reimbursements are processed through Accounts Payable and will be directly deposited into the employee's primary bank account identified by the employee in UAccess Employee. Employees may designate a different reimbursement banking account or opt out of their primary bank account by contacting Accounts Payable and requesting an "ACH Electronic Payment Authorization." This will allow the employee to designate a specific banking institution or account to which their expense/travel reimbursements or advances are deposited.

Accounts Payable/Travel direct deposit reimbursement files are submitted through a secure process to the University of Arizona financial institution daily and generally require two days to appear in the employee's bank account. Courtesy email notifications for the pending deposit are sent to the employee email address indicated in UAccess Employee. Employee reimbursements paid by check processing are mail to the employee's home address indicated in UAccess Employee.

Expense/travel reimbursements may be viewed electronically via UAccess Analytics > Central-Accounts Payable > Empl Reimb.

All reimbursements should be submitted within 90 days of expense.  Reimbursements submitted after 90 days will be subjected to tax.  Please check with Vanessa Parra if you have any questions.  See Financial Services for more information.