Check Cashing and Receiving

Employees working in the field may encounter the need to collect money on behalf of the University of Arizona for workshops and events that collect fees for attendance, or for sales of goods and services.  Programs should consider the following policy when planning these type of events and plan accordingly:  Any University employee (Petty Cash/Change Fund Custodian, Staff or Student, Docent/Volunteer) who is performing any part of the cashiering function (receiving, receipting, depositing and reconciling of funds in the UAccess Financial accounts) is required to complete Cash Handling and Receiving training every 2 years.

It is extremely important that we, as a department, ensure that all employees handling money on behalf of the University be properly trained in procedure and policy.  The training is offered through UAccess Learning.  See your supervisor to discuss whether or not it is necessary to participate in Cash Handling Training, and contact our Business Office for more information. 

Remember, if you have not been trained on receiving money you should not be participating in the cashiering function at any event.  If someone is attempting to hand you money within our building please send them to the front desk.  Our receptionists are Cash Handling trained, and can process the receipt of those funds.  If this happens in the field please make sure there is someone designated to receive funds that is Cash Handling trained. 

Specific detail regarding Cash Receiving policy can be found here.