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Commercial Horticulture: Water

Drinking water standards (1998)

Drip irrigation: the basics (2006)

Methods of determining when to irrigate (2001)

Leaching for reclamation (AZ water series #23) (1999)

Harvesting rainwater for landscape use (2006)

Arizona: know your water (2007) (English) (Spanish)

RainScapes (2011)

Watering trees and shrubs: simple techniques for efficient landscape watering (2006)

Accumulation of soil salinity in landscapes irrigated with reclaimed water

Arizona water map (2002) (1 ea.) $8.00 Available for sale online

Arizona: know your water (2006) (104 pp.) $2.50 Available for sale online

Bubbler users manual: a computer program for designing low-head gravity flow bubbler irrigation syst (1996) (33 pp.) $32.00 Available for sale online

Drip irrigation for the home garden and landscape (1989) (32 minutes) $20.00 Available for sale online

How water moves through soil (DVD) [with affiliated guide] (1994) (30 minutes) $15.00 Available for sale online