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Cochise County's "Water Wise" Wins Environmental Merit Award

Cochise County Cooperative Extension's program "Water Wise" is the first recipient of the City of Sierra Vista's Environmental Merit Award.

The Commission recognized the Water Wise team at a City Council meeting last week.

"We were all very excited about the news, and were honored to be recognized by the City Council last Thursday. It also gave us the opportunity to publicly thank the city for its years of funding support for our program," said Mark Apel, Area Agent in Cochise County.

The Water Wise team visits classrooms, brings in UA faculty to educate the public on important water issues, as well as hands-on workshops and consultations teaching people about rainwater harvesting and drought-tolerant landscaping.

"After 20 years, Water Wise and Cooperative Extension are well-positioned to ensure that residents and businesses alike have the best research-based information about conserving water. Our program has been an important part of creating a ‘conservation culture’ around water in this part of Cochise County," said Apel.

To learn more about Water Wise, click here to head to the website.

Or reach out to Mark Apel, MaryAnn Capehart, Rebecca Dailous, Ron Serviss or Susan Bronson.