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'Beyond the Mirage' Photographer & "WRRC" Document the story of Water

Documenting the story of Water, Photo Courtesy: 'Beyond the Mirage'

The "Water Resources Research Center" - a part of Cooperative Extension - CALS, Arizona Public Media....and Videographer Cody Sheehy - are all teaming up to tell the story of water.

And going far across the globe to Israel to do it.

Sheehy, Water Resources Research Center Director Sharon Megdal, along with Governor Doug Ducey are all in Israel this week... attending the Water Technology & Environment Control Conference.

One of Sheehy's big goals at the conference: working on a massive documentary called "Beyond The Mirage".

"Beyond the Mirage" was selected as the winner of a $100,000 grand prize grant - or "The New Arizona Prize" in April.

The 'Prize' is an initiative of the Arizona Community Foundation, Republic Media, and Morrison Institute for Public Policy. It sought to harness Arizonans' creativity "to solve persistent and complex problems."

Through the 'Water Consciousness Challenge' , the first in a series of New Arizona Prize challenges, organizers are highlighting the importance of raising water awareness. A panel of judges selected the winning team, "Beyond The Mirage", on April 1st, earlier this year.

Sheehy, a videographer, will tell the story of water, and water in Arizona.. through beautiful images and pictures in a documentary, called "Beyond the Mirage", which will air on Arizona Public Media in January.

Also part of the project, a dedicated 'Facebook Page, called 'Beyond the Mirage' , as well as a a website that will allow visitors to build their own mini-documentaries from footage on the site.

This week, Sheehy is actually in Israel, documenting and learning about water, there.

Water Resources Research Center Director Sharon Megdal is also in Israel, this week, and will be visiting some of the same sites as Sheehy.

Sheehy has documented life in Mongolia, rangelands in Australia and the jungle of Costa Rica.
The 35-year-old is originally from Oregon, where he earned a science degree and a master's degree in rangeland ecology.

To learn more about water, water education, and water resources....head to the Water Resources Research Center's page... and check out the 'Beyond the Mirage' page, and Facebook page.