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About Us

Cooperative Extension, an outreach arm of The University of Arizona and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), is "Improving Lives, Communities and the Economy" by serving as a statewide network of knowledgeable faculty and staff that provides lifelong educational programs for all Arizonans. We are part of a nationwide educational network of scientists and educators who help people solve problems and put knowledge to use. Arizona Cooperative Extension provides a link between the university and the citizens of this state.

2015 Strategic Goals

In keeping with our mission, we have drilled down even further to the areas of greater impact which will continue to move our organization forward and will continue meeting the needs of "Arizona and beyond!"

For 2015, we are laser-focused on the following goals for Arizona Cooperative Extension.  By focusing on these goals, we are ensuring that we will continue to make tremendous impacts and set ourselves up for greater success for The Next 100 Years!:

  1. Excellence in integrated CES research and education programs that improve lives, communities, and the economy.
    • We will drive enhanced rigor in each program/offering in each of our signature areas of 4-H Youth Development, Family Consumer and Health Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Federally-Recognized Tribal Extension Programs.
  2. Demonstrate and communicate the positive economic and social impacts of the CES programs.
    • We will deliver on our mission to engage the people of Arizona and be explicit on our impact.
  3. Invest CES resources in a strategic manner to address priorities and critical needs in Arizona and globally.
    • We will be strategic in our allocation of resources, investing where it matters and not where it doesn't.

We believe strongly that emphasizing these strategic areas will allow us to deliver for Arizona, measure our success, and address opportunities!


2012 Phase III Strategic Planning Goals (June 2012)

University of Arizona CALS Cooperative Extension Strategic Plan Chart