State 4-H Ambassadors

The ambassador program provides 4-H teen leaders with the opportunity to advocate for 4-H youth, represent Arizona 4-H, and develop as generational leaders. Each ambassador has a responsibility to support all team goals and to fulfill their specific position obligations. When selected as a State Ambassador, they become a representative of Arizona 4-H in all that they say and do. This role possesses high visibility and responsibility for the selected ambassadors. Every ambassador, regardless of their specific position, needs to be able to articulate what 4-H is, how it came about, and where it aspires to take the next generation of leaders.

Arizona 4-H State Ambassador President

Amelia Bracket

“By serving as the 4-H State Ambassador President, I am able to give back and inspire the next generation of youths. I can also advocate for 4-H and share with others the opportunities within it.”

Arizona 4-H State Communications Ambassador

Sadie Parent

“I believe that quality communication with others and the general community, whether it be verbal, written, or through utilization of social media, is important to building relationships and achieving goals. As a member and representative of 4-H, I am passionate about making sure that my peers have access to the resources that will help them succeed - making communication at a state level very important.”

Arizona 4-H State Foundation Ambassador

Mariah Villafana

“I am super excited to let people know about all of the scholarships 4-H has to offer! I want people to know of all the wonderful opportunities open to them as a 4-Her.”

Arizona 4-H State Healthy Living Ambassador

Elena Durazo

“I am passionate about being the Healthy Living Ambassador because the importance of healthy living and maintaining my physical, emotional, social, and mental health has been instilled in me by my parents. I have a special passion for veggies and the outdoors and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to get others excited about healthy living and to help my community alongside such enthusiastic and qualified ambassadors”.

Arizona 4-H State STEM Ambassador

Elissa Summer

“Because I am not immensely involved in the technology side of stem so I enjoy sharing with others how everything they do can relate to stem. In this position I hope to be able to change people's mindset about stem, with the main mindset being that it is only computers and robotics and things like that.”

Arizona 4-H State Agriculture Ambassador

Madison Ramirez

“Agriculture plays into our everyday life’s! I want to make sure people always have access to the knowledge of how important agriculture is to our growing world.”

Arizona 4-H State Citizenship Ambassador

Zane Campbell

“I am excited to plan and lead state events designed to help create youth leaders in our community.”