The University of ArizonaCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Getting Started

  1. Decide on a project. Our project list can be found online at:
  2. Find a club. We are looking forward to getting you all of the information you need to connect with a 4-H club that’s right for you. Here is the link to our club listing: On this page you will find multiple ways to research all Maricopa County 4-H clubs. We recommend checking out multiple clubs in your area to see which club fits your family the best.
  3. Contact the club. Contact the club you are interested in and let them know you would like to join. You will need to pay your program fee to the club leader and fill out any paperwork they may have for their club.
  4. Enroll in 4Honline. After you have contacted a club, you must also enroll online at:
    You can find instructions on how to enroll online at: Contact  the Maricopa County 4-H Office if you have further questions: (602) 827-8228 or (602) 827-8275.