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2017 AZ Ag Lit Days

Arizona Agriculture: Bee's Amazing Adventure (Book Cover)

AZ Agricultural Literacy Days is a free program that focuses on educating Arizona students about our connection to agriculture and the commodities produced on Arizona's lands. We do this because so many of our youth don't know where our food and clothing comes from. Young children often think that it magically appears in the grocery and retail stores.

We educate youth through the support of volunteers who read a provided book on agriculture to elementary school students and then donate that book to the class library. When the program began in 2005, we envisioned farmers and other agriculturalist being the ones to help teach how we are all connected to agriculture. Over the years, we came to find that others within the community who aren't farmers or agriculturalist, but also feel passionate about our land, wanted to share with students where our food and clothing begins.

AZ Agricultural Literacy Days is scheduled every year in the fall with a special emphasis during the three days before Thanksgiving. What better time of the year to show our gratitude to Arizona farmers and agriculturalist than during the Thanksgiving season!

The 2017 AZ Agricultural Literacy Days is held October 16 - December 15.

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