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Yuma Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden

The Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden is a partnership between the University of Arizona and the Moody Garden Makers Garden Society. The purpose of the garden is to educate Yuma residents on gardening in the Southwest. This is accomplished though demonstrations and outreach. All plants are professionally labeled with common and scientific names. This helps residents to know what grows well here and how plants will look once established.

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Have a happy Fourth, everyone! And here's how to give your plants a holiday treat.

All plants can use a slow deep soaking at least once during the long hot summer. To do this, turn your hose onto a slow trickle and allow it to flood the area around your plants until the water reaches the depth of 6 to 12 inches for lawns and gardens, 12 to 24 inches for shrubs and 18 to 36 inches for trees.

The use of a soil probe can also help you determine what depth you have watered to.

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It's going to be a hot 4th of July weekend. Make some homemade sorbet to cool off. Three ingredients and three steps, it could not get easier!

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Have you ever wondered how seedless watermelons were developed? The answer is pretty cool!

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