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Yavapai Master Gardeners Resources

  • Apache Plume

    Native & Naturalized Plants Database - a service by Yavapai Master Gardeners

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  • Volunteers installing irrigation system.

    Sharing a Passion for Plants

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  • Backyard Gardener Web Site

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  • Learn more about home gardening in Yavapai county

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Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who provide educational information to Cooperative Extension clientele. To become a Master Gardener in Yavapai County you must complete the formal Master Gardener training in Yavapai County, and then complete 50 volunteer hours within 13 months to become certified. After that there is an annual requirement of 25 volunteer hours and 6 continuing education hours to remain certified.

What's Happening

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    "The Master Gardeners get projects done, they have fun and they are meeting a mission that is very important to them and the community," said Jeff Schalau, agriculture and natural resources agent with Yavapai County Cooperative Extension.

  • "Harmony in the Highlands: Gardening with Nature"

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Planting a fall cover crop builds soil organic matter and provides nutrition for spring or summer crops.

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Inexpensive and healthy way to clean veggies and fruit

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