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Maricopa County Master Gardener

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    Visit for landscape and garden information in Maricopa County

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  • Identify and control mosquitoes in Arizona

    Mosquitoes are the most important insect pests that affect the health and wellbeing of humans and domestic animals worldwide.

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  • Landscape and gardening experts in the low desert present 4 books you must have in your library if you are a homeowner or gardener in the low deser

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  • Citrus Science & Support

    Citrus is one of the original ‘5 Cs’ of Arizona.

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  • Master Gardener Plant & Landscape Help Desk

    Master Gardener Plant & Landscape Help Desk

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  • Ten Steps to a Successful Vegetable Garden video series

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  • Thriving in the Arizona Desert

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Maricopa County has a vibrant and active Master Gardener program. Master Gardeners are volunteers trained to assist you with your landscape and garden questions.

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What's Happening

Maricopa Master Gardeners

Hosted by Metro Tech High School and the Maricopa Master Gardener program.

*More information to come!

Maricopa Master Gardeners Citrus Clinic

If you have Citrus or want to grow it:

Sorry, there are no news or announcements for Maricopa County Master Gardener.

Is there somewhere on this page a posting of plantings by month for Phoenix Metropolitan are? Zone 13?

Melissa Wynn Smith | A new status has been shared | 1 day 22 hours ago

last year i had a tangelo tree that lost half of it's leaves and now i have a grapefruit doing the same. water is fine and i am hearing from neighbors the same happening to their citrus. part of trees still ok and then som branches just losing a leaves but fruit still there.

Kim Udermuder Domovich | A new status has been shared | 6 days 5 hours ago

Calling all food producers who are ready to wholesale your products!

Join us at the 7th Annual Arizona Farmer + Chef Connection on September 12 as a vendor to connect with local purchasers and build your customer base!

Early bird registration ends Sunday. Get your tickets:

Good Food Finder AZ | A new link has been shared | 3 weeks 3 days ago