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    Dragonfly Day returns to the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area on March 29th, 2014.

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The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Maricopa County has a vibrant and active Master Gardener program and volunteer force. There are three parts to becoming and staying a Certified Master Gardener: 1) attending the training, which provides novice and experienced gardeners alike with the opportunity to improve their horticultural knowledge and skills, and 2) sharing at least 25 hours of expertise and time with the public through organized volunteer activities, and 3) earning at least 12 hours of personal continuing education.

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Baccharis sarothroides - desert broom is reported to be in a full bloom. You might see these airborne seed pods floating around, covering pools. They can be allergenic.

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What a great idea! How many of you would use an Arizona version of the guide below? Vote by liking this post!

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Allergies...? We've had some calls reporting allergy symptoms in the area. People want to know what's causing it. University of Arizona publishes this page with allergy information for Fall.

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