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Maricopa County has a vibrant and active Master Gardener program. Master Gardeners are volunteers trained to assist you with your landscape and garden questions.

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What's Happening

Master Gardener Summer Intern Training Class

Classes are taught by University of Arizona Cooperative Extension faculty, industry professionals and other horticulture experts.

compost class

This introductory class will cover everything you need to get started recycling your organic waste into an incredibly valuable garden resource, COM

Sorry, there are no news or announcements for Maricopa County Master Gardener.

Yesterday at the Southwest Regional Library in Gilbert there was another of the SRP/Valley Permaculture Alliance Shade Tree Give-aways. There were several Master Gardeners donating their Saturday morning to help with this beneficial endeavor.

Through SRP, home owners are able to apply for up to 2 free trees. They receive a 2 hour class in the planting and care of native trees. Then they select which trees would work best to shade their home. The selections are Native Palo Verde, Thornless Palo Verde, Native Mesquite, Thornless Mesquite, Desert Willow, and Willow Acacia.

The VPA is always a pleasure with which to work. This event occurs several times a year. Visit for more information.

Maricopa County Master Gardeners | A new link has been shared | 1 week 2 days ago
Maricopa County Master Gardeners | A new link has been shared | 1 week 2 days ago