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The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Maricopa County has a vibrant and active Master Gardener program and volunteer force. There are three parts to becoming and staying a Certified Master Gardener: 1) attending the training, which provides novice and experienced gardeners alike with the opportunity to improve their horticultural knowledge and skills, and 2) sharing at least 25 hours of expertise and time with the public through organized volunteer activities, and 3) earning at least 12 hours of personal continuing education.
If you are interested in learning more about the Master Gardener program or applying for the upcoming class, please visit the "How do I become a Master Gardener?" page.

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Bloom a Day: Palo Verde thornless hybrid is on it's third bloom since spring. In full bloom, stand under one of these trees, the bright green of the stems and trunk and bright gold of the flowers make the light golden. Where there is bloom, there is litter and that's ok - totally worth it.

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Bloom of the Day - Queen's Wreath (Antigonon leptopus) in pink! This vine is robust, vining to 15' wide and tall. It can handle the heat in our west facing parking lot - reflected heat and sun. This plant's roots are in an herb garden, so it is getting more water than some low water use plants, but this is a vine that should be considered for hot areas of your landscape. Queen's Wreath is deciduous, losing it's leaves in cold temperatures, but regrowing in warmer weather. Do you like your blooming vines in watermelon red? Available in pink and red.

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Sunflower - grows in full sun in our vegetable demonstration garden. Check out our Flower Planting Guide for when to plant and how to care for this plant

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