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The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Maricopa County has a vibrant and active Master Gardener program and volunteer force. There are three parts to becoming and staying a Certified Master Gardener: 1) attending the training, which provides novice and experienced gardeners alike with the opportunity to improve their horticultural knowledge and skills, and 2) sharing at least 25 hours of expertise and time with the public through organized volunteer activities, and 3) earning at least 12 hours of personal continuing education.

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Recent storm blew down a parkinsonia aculeata (Mexican Palo Verde) at the Extension Office. The tree's roots had been compromised by derobrachus geminatus (Palo Verde Borer Beetle larva). A common thug-bug for different species of trees, including the occasional citrus, in the valley.

This excellent specimen is in the office. Rebecca Senior was kind enough to let me snap some photos.

We think this little gal needs a nick name. Post your suggestions here.

Thank you, Rebecca Senior for taking time to provide this valuable information!

Maricopa County Master Gardeners | A new photo has been shared | 4 days 19 hours ago

Join us to watch the The University of Arizona Downtown Lecture Series tomorrow night at the Phoenix Public Market. You can shop from local farmers, grab dinner at one of the food trucks, and enjoy the lectures on a cool October evening.

Maricopa County Master Gardeners | A new photo has been shared | 5 days 11 hours ago

Is someone eating your garden? We are having a number of reports and questions about green caterpillar culprits munching on area vegetation. Lately we are seeing larger numbers of hyles lineata who could likely be what people are reporting.

Master Gardener, Linda McCabe posts, "Monsoons probably has something to do with the increased populations - it's the caterpillar for the "hummingbird moth" or White lined Sphinx moth: Hyles lineata some believe they are looking for dry or looser soil to bury themselves in to pupate, they should be gone soon. See this link for information:
Thank you, Linda!

Maricopa County Master Gardeners | A new status has been shared | 6 days 8 hours ago