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  • 2014 Project NICE Nature Camp for Early Childhood Educators welcomed a few new friends.

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Project NICE: Nature Inspired Childhood Education.

We believe that early childhood is the optimal time to create a life-long connection to nature.


We provide:

• professional development training

• inspirational curriculum

• links to local, national, and global resources



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I'm off to learn about native grasses today at a class made possible through a joint effort of the Desert Botanical Garden and the Conservation Alliance. Today is seat learning, tomorrow is the field day. Next weekend I will be putting this knowledge to use by removing invasive grasses in Aravipa Canyon. Grass is the fuel that feeds both our livestock and our native herbivores but it is also the fuel that feeds wildfires. What's a good grass and what is a bad grass is important stuff to know!

Project NICE, Maricopa County | A new status has been shared | 6 months 1 week ago

Phase 3 of the Outdoor Classroom: raised garden beds installed today

Project NICE, Maricopa County | A new photo has been shared | 7 months 4 days ago