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  • The Tigermountain Foundation today has four community gardens, five University of Arizona-trained Master Gardeners and seven revenue streams.

    Community Gardens

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  • Ten Steps to a Successful Vegetable Garden video series

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  • Little girl looking at a carrot she just pulled out of the garden.

    Inspiring Healthy Eating - Obesity Prevention in Kids Impact Story

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  • Piles of red, yellow and orange bell peppers, eggplants and baskets of greens at a farmers market.

    Globe-Miami Farmers Market Impact Story

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  • Spearmint plant with name tag.

    Garden Kitchen Cooking Up Good Health Impact Story

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  • Volunteers installing irrigation system.

    Sharing a Passion for Plants

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  • Teenagers planting a garden.

    Teens Grow Heirloom Apache Crops Impact Story

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  • palo verde photo by: Tom Pedersen

    Beetle is damaging palo verde tree

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  • orange dog caterpillar by Peter Warren

    Orange dogs in the citrus tree

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  • A basket containing green beans and summer squash.

    Our Neighbor's Farm Impact Story

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  • Thriving in the Arizona Desert

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  • Play and Learn classes enjoy the outdoors.

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  • Volunteers preparing soil and planting.

    Cultivating Gardeners and Urban Farmers Impact Story

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  • Partners Roosevelt Family Resource Center and MLK jr Early Childhood Center and King Head Start are building an outdoor classroom.

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  • 2014 Project NICE Nature Camp for Early Childhood Educators welcomed a few new friends.

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This section contains information for homeowners, landscape professionals and gardening enthusiasts. This is the place to get information on what to plant around the home and how to best care for those plants, including trees, shrubs, flowers and garden vegetables. Information for commercial and home lawn care, pest management and irrigation systems can also be found here. Looking for information on controlling pests in your home or around your local school – it’s all here!

What's Happening

Join a Master Gardener for a free guided tour of the Demonstration Gardens.

See "Uploaded File" below for dates and times.

Come to the University of Arizona for a guided tree tour with a specially trained Master Gardener.

One of every three bites of food we take comes from a pollinated plant or an animal that depends on bee pollination.

Photo credit: Tony Knight

Have you ever bought or been given an orchid? This class is for anyone who wants to learn about orchids and how to keep them blooming.

Join a Master Gardener for hour-long talks on seasonal subjects at seven Pima County Libraries.

Get your gardening questions answered by a Master Gardener at various libraries throughout the year.

Cacti, succulents, edibles and landscape plants will be featured October 11, 2014. Come early for the best selection.

Take a self-guided tour of four unique gardens belonging to Master Gardeners.

Tired of dragging around your water hose? Want to supplement your irrigation? Then this class is for you.

The Arizona Highlands are a challenging place to garden, with low rainfall, a surprisingly short growing season, alkaline soil, and competition for

15th Annual Arizona Highlands Garden Conference Saturday, October 25, 2014.

Yes, you can grow beautiful roses in the desert.

The Southwest can appear to be a hostile environment and gardening in the Southwest can be challenging.

Enjoy desserts and coffee or iced tea while browsing garden and wall art, decorative gourds, jewelry, fabric arts and more. Admission is free.

Think worms are icky and only good for fishing?

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