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Outdoor Adventures

Planning a hiking adventure with family and friends is featured in Level 1. Youth determine what to take, how to pack a backpack, read topographic maps and practice trail etiquette. Level 2 provides the challenges of pitching a tent, planning a menu, cooking outdoors, and practicing the principles of Leave No Trace Behind. Level 3 features multi-day back-packing trips; planning your trip, selecting and adjusting backpack equipment, selecting a backpack tent, choosing food for your adventure, sharing camping responsibilities and how to train for your backpacking event. To complete this project you must complete a minimum of six activities per level.

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Catalog Publications

Pub # Level Title
BU8043 Level 1 Hiking Trails
BU8044 Level 2 Camping Adventures
BU8045 Level 3 Backpacking Expeditions
BU8046 LG Outdoor Adventures Helper's Guide