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The dog project helps you first decide if you want to purchase and care for a dog. The first level does not require dog ownership, but the more advanced levels do.  If you decide to own a dog it is a big responsibility and this program will show you through many activities how to select, feed, train, house and care for your dog properly.  The main activities you will learn about are breed types, appreciating dogs’ places and roles in society, practicing grooming, correcting undesirable dog behaviors, teaching dog performance events, creating a housebreaking plan, recognizing the value of guide dogs, assessing your dog’s vital signs and exploring dog-related careers and activities. You must complete a minimum of seven activities and three learning experiences per level to complete this project.

Dog Cover

Catalog Publications

Pub # Level Title
BU8166 Level 1 Wiggles and Wags
BU8167 Level 2 Canine Connection
BU8168 Level 3 Leading the Pack
BU8169 LG Dog Helper’s Guide
OR1202 ALL 4-H Dog Obedience and Showmanship Contest Guide