The University of Arizona

Catalog Order Information

How to order your 4-H Publications:
-Prices take effect September 1, 2014

To order online, go to the CALSmart Publication site, or you may order from our catalog following these steps:

  1. Decide which books you want from the 2014-2015 Project Selection Publication Catalog (PDF)
  2. Print off and complete the fillable order form (PDF)
  3. Total your sales including the handling fee
  4. Choose payment form either Check (payable to: University of Arizona), Money Order or Credit Card.
  5. If using Credit Card be sure to fill in Credit Card number, expiration date and V code
  6. Mail the order form and payment to: CALSmart/College of Agriculture and Life Sciences/The University of Arizona/4101 N. Campbell Avenue, Bldg. 2005B/Tucson, Arizona 85719
  7. Fax the order form to (520) 626-5849
  8. Email the order form to
  9. You will be notified if any materials are out of stock. Any questions regarding your order should be addressed to CALSmart (520) 626-5161