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James 4-H Camp at Mingus Springs

Photo of a creek at the Mingus Springs CampThrough a number of generous donations the Arizona 4-H Program is pleased to have been given the opportunity to purchase and operate its own 4-H Camping facility, the only one of its kind in the state.

The Harold and Mitzie James 4-H Camp & Outdoor Learning Center at Mingus Springs is located on a secluded 55 acre wooded site at an elevation of 6500 feet on Mingus Mountain in the Prescott National Forest. Schools and universities, governmental and educational institutions, as well as religious and special interest organizations have found the isolation and beautiful surroundings ideal for many types of programs. Prior to becoming a 4-H Camp the Mingus Springs Camp & Outdoor Learning Center, owned and operated by the Dahlberg Foundation, offered camping and outdoor education to groups since 1950.

The 4-H Program, traditionally grounded in university and research-based learning, allows youth to reach their full potential through experiential learning, leadership and life skill building. By definition, 4-H Camping is cooperative group living in a natural environment that focuses on hands-on learning and developing life skills by providing a framework for mentoring and role modeling. At 4-H Camp youth learn how to take care of themselves and become more independent while enjoying a variety of classes and socializing with peers, teen leaders and adults from differing backgrounds.

4-H Camping Programs have the unique opportunity to reach a variety of audiences, bringing together those from limited income, underserved families as well as those with access to a variety of services; youth living in both urban and rural areas; and those who participate in other aspects of 4-H in a club or school enrichment activity.

We are taking reservations for the spring, summer and fall of 2015.

2015 camping events

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Arizona's 2nd Statewide camp was held at the James 4-H camp on July 11 - 15, 2014.  To view photos and videos of camp activities check out Facebook