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Rockets to the Rescue!

Life presents many challenges and youth learn how to build a support team and face these challenges with confidence after participating in the Hight Ropes Course. The zip line at the 4-H High Ropes Course offers two challenges - climbing the 40-foot tower and leaping from it.

Mesa's Lehi 4-H Club in the east Phoenix area helped convince the city council to reverse a ban on livestock. 4-H Citizenship at its best!

School gardens help youth meet academic standards in science through hands-on learning. Youth who grow their own fruits and vegetables also are more likely to eat them which helps reduce childhood obesity and juvenile onset diabetes.

Youth are encourage to grow & pick their vegetables, clean & cook them and then sit down to enjoy the veggies of their labor here at the Village Farms at the Pima County Extension office. This mural reminds kids that veggies, not just milk, are good for bones.

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Arizona's first State 4-H Club Agent, Leland Park was hired in 1915.